Edward J. Rossario, MD: Concierge Personalized Care Program


Dr. Edward J. Rossario is excited to offer a unique patient care experience while continuing to extend a high level standard of care you have become accustomed to at Coastal Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center.  The newly incorporated Concierge Personalized Care Program (CPC) will offer it’s patients luxury, access, and convenience.  Dr. Rossario provides personal, thorough and transparent care to his patients by benefiting from the teams experience and expertise in medical care including the use of the latest and most proven techniques for solving complex orthopaedic issues.

Imagine calling a direct number where a live concierge answers and schedules your appointment for the present week or next week!  You can get a call prior to the visit to make sure we understand your visit goals and have everything in order to make your visit go smoothly and as efficient as possible.  Our concierge patients will be entering the office through a private entrance specifically designed to accommodate them and offer a private area where they will be greeted by the concierge staff.  You will have a comfortable, private area to relax in with a choice of beverage and healthy snack if you desire before you are seen by Dr. Rossario.  Concierge patients will experience guaranteed appointment slots with plenty of focused time with Dr. Rossario.  As a concierge patient you will be given email access for one year to answer follow-up questions you may have regarding your course of treatment as well as be issued a USB drive with your medical records from CPC at Coastal Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center.

CPC Patient Benefits:

  • Guaranteed non-emergency appointment slots at the group’s office same week or next week following your request when medically necessary (all emergencies should go to an emergency room).
  • Access to a separate entrance specifically designed for CPC patients
  • Access to a private room away from the group’s office, including luxury finishes.
  • Access to a guaranteed appointment slot with Dr. Rossario with minimal wait time for appointments.
  • Copies of medical records and diagnostic studies provided on a USB drive
  • Assignment of a concierge to facilitate all aspects of patient care, including appointment scheduling, coordinating the scheduling of appointments for additional studies if needed, and coordination of hotel and/or transportation needs. A concierge available by a direct dial telephone during normal business hours.
  • A pre-appointment telephone call from concierge to discuss the goals of the visit and optimize the efficiency of the visit.
  • 12 months of direct email access to a healthcare professional, including the doctor when appropriate, to get questions answered (*Please note these do not include emergencies which should go directly to an emergency room).
  • Access to CPC accelerated surgical procedure date

Payment for the healthcare provided is through Medicare or other insurance plans with associated co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles. *The CPC benefits are not covered by Medicare or any insurance plans.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Edward J. Rossario’s Concierge Personalized Care program contact us at 772- 446-7217 or email: EJR.CPS@gmail.com

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